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About Fussy Fruit

Fussy Fruit is a locally and family owned fruit and vegetable wholesaler, proudly supplying Brisbane’s finest restaurants, cafes and bars. We distribute fresh ingredients to businesses in the community, ensuring that produce is at their highest quality from the time of harvest to chopping boards in the kitchen.  


We understand the importance of fresh ingredients and what a difference that makes and also know the importance of having a supplier you can trust and depend on. At Fussy Fruit, we offer our products from kilos to truck loads to all types of businesses that require fresh produce, never skimming out on quality and always keeping food safety and hygiene as our number one priority. 

What are we doing to keep our produce fresh?

  • We buy our produce that has less shelf life (such as herbs and other small garnishes) per day! This ensures that they stay fresh beyond the point it reaches our customers

  • Extensive checking of our produce before delivery

  • Fussy Fruit delivery trucks are refrigerated, this keeps our produce from going bad during deliveries! 

  • Regular sanitation of warehouses: we know how uncertain times are with COVID-19, Fussy Fruit has regular, routine cleanings throughout the day. 

  • All staff are required to wear gloves throughout the workday.

From our household farms

to your kitchen:

Rooted in the values of family, Fussy Fruit aims to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the Brisbane and Gold Coast hospitality industry. Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any diet, and like most foods, it brings people together. 


As a family-owned and operated business, we take the values instilled in us and aim to reflect that in our business. Fussy Fruit knows the importance of providing fresh and healthy ingredients that are best for the well-being of our patrons, as well as maintaining authentic and healthy relationships. With these values in mind, we strive to provide an all around excellent experience for you and your customers, no matter who they are. 


If you’re a busy restaurant owner and want to save money on labor, why not try out our processed product range? We have an assortment of sliced, diced, shredded, and chopped produce.


Or perhaps you are in the hospitality industry managing a hotel and is looking into serving your guests the full-bodied flavor of Queensland’s finest produce? Then we have bottled fruit juices ready at your utmost convenience!


Taking the time to have some R&R in the night scene doesn’t have to sacrifice quality drinks. If you’re in the nightclub or bar industry, we have SupHerb Mints to finish off a good cocktail for the night.


SImply let us know what you need, and we’d be happy to help!

Our goal:

Good, fresh food brings people together, no matter the background, culture or identity. Food is always present. Not only do we aim to provide the highest quality produce and services for the best prices, we also aim to form strong relationships with them. We find importance in catering to your needs and believe that is the ultimate key to our collective success as a unit; as an Australian community. 

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Contact  +61 416 940 930


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